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Ethical Chopsticks は、間伐材や建築材の端材から作った国産割り箸を





For people who care about good food and sustainable nature.

Our disposable chopsticks are made of thinned out woods from the rich forests of Japan. ​No chemical, no breach, they are just pure pairs of wood sticks.

It is often misunderstood that consuming disposable chopsticks is somewhat against environmental sustainability. This is true for most of the chopsticks made outside of Japan, where materials are cut down in the purpose of producing chopsticks, and unfortunately, those might include materials illegally cut down. Usage of chemicals and/or bleaches is also a concern since we use chopsticks to eat, i.e., we put them in our mouth.


However, disposable chopsticks made in Japan has a different story. It is indeed a smart way of using waste and thinned woods rather wasted. It is a traditional manufacture which practices the cascade use of timber.

Ethical Chopsticks are safe, reliable, and sustainable as we want the food itself to be. Hope our chopsticks will add a pinch of blessing from the forests to your meals!

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